Shipping policy

Delivery methods and costs

The minimum order limit for all delivery methods is 10 €. Smaller orders can be picked up as agreed or by placing an order via email, text message or other contact channels.

Our most common delivery times are 7-21 business days, depending on the order and delivery method. Handmade products are made to order. We are not responsible for delays caused by force majeure or indirect inconvenience caused by delays. Deviating delivery times are announced on the front page of the online store.

Order delivery time and delivery costs

Delivery costs for orders:


> 50 €



European Union

> 50 €



Canada & USA




Unredeemed package 

Non-redemption is not the same thing as a refund or cancellation. For non-redeemed packages for which no separate cancellation notice has been made, we charge a € 15 fee.