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Kavee C&C cages

KAVEE 4X2 (1.40X0.70M) CAGE

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The Kavee C&C cage 4x2 is designed for up to 2 adult guinea pigs.

The cage offers a large living space and, thanks to its modularity, can be easily adapted to your needs. The open and comfortable Kavee C&C cage is easy to assemble, handle and clean. The Coroplast sole is non-toxic and easy to keep clean. The bottom can be easily assembled with the locking holes. You do not need glue or tape. If you own other pets, you may want to cover the C&C cage with a deck.

Dimensions: 1.40 x 0.70 x 0.35 m

Contents of the package:

  • With air / cover: 12/16 modular grille, 0/4 door connector, 24/34 connector and 1 base with locking holes.
  • Configuration instructions in digital format.

Note: The C&C cage can be safely chewed and the lattice coating does not wear out.

Normally, the cage is prepared and shipped from the warehouse the next working day. Delivery takes approximately 1-2 weeks. The price includes delivery costs.